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About the Founders
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The heart of Integral Heart -
Mick, Marisol, and Debora 


President / Director:
http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifDebora Prieto


http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifOsiris Stephen - MBA
Charter School Director of
Operations, New York, NY

Office/Banking USA:

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifCynthia Ann Hall
Salt Lake City, Utah

Strategic Advisor:

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifMick Quinn

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifBoard of Directors

The Integral Heart Family

Our three main programs; Critical-Thinking, Sponsorship, and Nutrition
are designed to break the cycles of poverty of those who are currently 
living in some of the poorest neighborhoods and worst conditions in
Central America at our school, La Academia, in Guatemala.

The Integral Heart Family is a non-profit corporation organized and operated
exclusively  for charitable purposes. 
We are empowering potential with your
support and investment.
Read mission, vision and impact report here.


1. Marisol Hernandez - Community Liaison (Guatemalan)

Marisol, seen here with her own family, is our Community Liaison. She works with our families in Jocotenango, San Mateo, Panorama and the other areas around Antigua where we have been working since 2010. 

Our sponsored children and their families receive regular visits from Marisol who then reports back to the founders on the progress and needs of our sponsored families.

Marisol's primary role is to help us bridge the cultural gap between our desire to promote education in the children and the fact that most of the parents still value an eight year-old who can work to one who is going to school.

2. Arturo Castillo - Teacher

Arturo was born and raised in Antigua Guatemala. He is involved with IHF on
a part-time basis in the IHF Teacher-
Training program. 

Each week he holds classes with our 
senior students in Spanish and on the
history of Guatemala.

3. Leonel Aragon
- Psychologist  (Guatemala)

4. Dona Sonia Polanco
- La Acadamia Chef/School Manager
5. Blanca DeLeon Rompiche
- La Acadamia Kitchen Assistant

6. Stephy Gomez 
- Teacher / In Training (Guatemalan)

7. Carmen Mendez
- Teacher / In Training (Guatemalan)

8. Varinia Matute
- Visting teacher/Forensic Anthropologist

9. Guatemalan Human Rights Org.
- Visting teachers

- English teacher

Abbey Salch

Abbey is a native of the Chicago area who lived for several years in Guatemala. She is helping out with local fundraising events.

For more information on Abbey Salch,
please see her profile on Linkedin.

fundraising at celf.org
Phone: USA
(1) 312 593 1012

Please support our work and education programs by making a donation:
The Integral Heart Family is a U.S. Registered 501(c)3 non-profit.