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The Integral Heart Foundation 
is a U.S. Registered 5
01(c) 3 Non-Profit organization

We believe that by connecting the right people 
we can change the future of humanity

Updates from Guatemala - March 2011

There's been lots of things happening down
here in Guatemala with our work. 

Our first Fundraising trip

We are planning our first fundraising trip to
the U.S. The dates are May 10 - 20th in
Boston, New York, Boulder, & Houston.
See updates to times and locations here.

We are lighting a village!

We also did the first install of our portable
solar units in the isolated village of Mano de
. This was made possible by some of our
great supporters and of course the GodsChild
Project who helped get us access to this
village. This action also got us our first piece 
of press here in Guatemala. 

Now, 8 of the 18 families have light for the first time. See a stunning series of photos of this
install by photographer Oscar Palencia here.

Inspiring kids to study!

We just had a well-known motivational 
spend four days with us as part of
our Speaker Series. Andre Norman, who 
is from Boston and President of the National
Gang Council came, at no charge, to share 
his wisdom on gangs and violence.

In the time he was here he spoke to over
1,200 folks at seven different schools and
non-profit centers here and in Guatemala
City. There are photos here.

New School Opening!

We collaborate with several organizations
here in Guatemala. One of them is CasaSito
with whom we offer our Leadership
Development Training with a number of
their participating school directors.

One of these schools, Semilla de Esperanza 
in San Mateo, Guatemala
opened its new
location last month.
We have been meeting
once per week with the director of this
school and also with her assistan
ts to help
navigate the complexities of running a school that services over 100 children and 
their families in a rural area of Guatemala.
For photos and video go here.

Zen and Philosophy

Our Integral Education program is growing
nicely. Debora is teaching 2 classes now
on philosophy with about 35 kids attending 
each week - and they love it! 

We are now planning to have Zen Sensei Michael Mugaku Zimmerman of Salt Lake 
City 'Skype' in for a class on Zen!

Stay tuned for more and see photo

Celebrity Endorsement!

Professional actor, star of Law & Order, 
Linus Roche who is also
Managing Director 
of EnlightenNext's New York City center 
speaks of how Mick and Debora 
are using the evolutionary teachings of 
spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen to co-
create conscious development in the 
developing world.
See video here.

We are growing!

In early March, Liz Flinn, of Red Deer, Canada
will be joining us as our first full-time staff
member. She has volunteered here
before and she also has years of experience
working with kids. She will be a  great
asset to our sponsorship and education
programs. We are fundraising for her
first year's salary and have reached 25%
of our goal. So, if you would like to contribute
to raising $300 per month, please visit our
donation page that is linked below.


eric.2.11.JPG (1549362 bytes)

My name is Eduardo. I am 15 years old. I study philosophy in Debora & Mick
's program and Deb tells me I am one of the most active students. I am the second oldest of 7 brothers. My father only comes once a month and not exactly to bring money to help us. My mom works at the local farmerís cooperative and barely earns to survive. I also work, mostly to pay for my school materials, but also to buy food.

Our youngest brother is Marvin and he is 1. Right now he has breathing problems that cannot be taken care of because our mother cannot pay for the medication. Gustavo picks wood for the fire in the mountains and we all take turns in taking care of the baby and Eric, the 7 year old, while our mom is working.

Mario Rolando is 13. He takes care of the youngest of all the brothers while his mother is working in the mornings. He attends school in the afternoon and loves it. He is a great help around the house. Your sponsorship can help ease a little of this pressure 
and I can keep studying.  Thank you, Ed.

Make a One-time Donation 
or Monthly Donation

In Guatemala, a teacher in a public school earns
$300 per month and a Police Officer, after thirty
years of service, will earn about $550 per month.
That's why we ask for a minimum of $35 per child 
per month. As you can see, $35 per month will 
go a long way.


   Thank you so much for being such
   an important part of the growth 
   of this community and this family 
   of heart-to-heart connections.

Aaron S, Armin, Beth T, Christian,
Danielle and Family, Dan & Kamie,
Eva & Matt, Elisa, Ellen and Ryan S,
Kyozen Sensei, Elaine, Kamala,
Genpo Merzel, Jeff C, George R,
Gregor, Irene B, Jennifer, Jethro
& Sima, JC, Keith & Karen, Linda S,
Laurel J, Luisa, Kevin & Sam, Pam, 

MarySue, Malena, Mikey, Michael
& Michelle, Neil, Osiris & Nina,
Patrick, Kanzeon Sangha, MIS
Technology, Joanna & The 
Canberra Integral Study Group, 
Paul, Magali, Marsha, Norah, 
Jennifer, Jessica, Kay, Kate F, 
Stuart, Jade, William,
Holly & Grace, Natalie (and the Worthington cluster), 

Matt B, Oscar P, Jim & Cindy, Jacky, Martin, Richard, Sandra P, Sharon, Shelley S, Sean W, Stephanie M, Seamus & Addy,Vegar & Christy, 
Ted S & Boston Integral, Gina, 
Dianne, Kenneth, and Andre, 
Franz, Kristina, Barbara S, Yvonne 
K of the Germany Solar Cluster, 
and Yee H.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to an exciting year!  Mick, Debora & Liz

Watch a short  TV documentary in English with Spanish 
subtitles (7.55 minutes) on our work here in Guatemala.

About us:

169866_1825882812778_1411510413_32053721_4717395_o.jpg (412504 bytes) The Integral Heart Foundation was founded by 
Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto after they moved 
to Guatemala with their two dogs, Bella and 
Panchito in 2009. 

As an Irish immigrant who fully embraced the 
American Dream, Mick
's evolution has taken him 
from his native home to become a founder of 
several NYC-based multimillion dollar companies, 
the best-selling author of The Uncommon Path, to 
this current work in Guatemala.

Debora graduated from the University of Madrid 
as an educator of mentally handicapped children. 
She spent the following 10 years working with her 
skills in the Spanish healthcare system. Debora is 
also trained in the Big Mind Process, a counseling 
tool that combines Western psychology and Zen
teachings, which she uses in this work. 

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