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Guatemala is a seismically active country, with several active volcanoes and a challenging rainy season. 
Since we moved here in 2009, there has been one major tropical storm (Agatha - May 2010) and a tropical
depression (Jova - October 2011) both of which caused major landslides and flooding.

During these times we turn our resources to helping in any way we can so that the affected communities
can stave off further damage and can return to their lives as soon as possible. Our response has included
donating food, clothing,  beds, bedding to affected families.

Fortunately 2012 was a quite year. In the photos below from 2013, we are setting up and testing a donated
field solar system and a large capacity water filtration system in preparation for the next emergency.

Tropical Depression Jova response 2011:
In October of 2011 we were part of an effort to feed 70 men, women and children whose homes were
flooded for 4 days. To see more images of our disaster response efforts, please click on the images below:

Hurricane Agatha response 2010: (Photos 1 and Photos 2)
In May of 2010, Hurricane Agatha passed over Guatemala and left in its wake 190 dead and a devastation of
landslides and flooding. One of the neighborhoods (slums) we work in was badly affected.  To see more images
of our disaster response efforts, please click on the links above for more images or the images below:

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