Our Main Programs in Guatemala
Integral Education Program

Introducing teens to the power &
perspectives of Critical-Thinking

Solar Power Program

Providing solar power in homes
and grid-tied systems in schools

Sponsorship Program

Connecting sponsors and students
for education and nutrition

Become a Sustaining Sponsor  using

Sponsors a Junior
Program child for
one month and
provides a family
food basket

Sponsors a student
in high-school for
one month and
provides a family
food basket

Sponsors a student
in our CTIED Program
for one month and to
attend a college
of their choice

Sponsors food,
clothes, shoes
and school supplies
for all 50 children
in our programs 

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Additional projects of The Integral Heart Foundation:
In addition to our core programs, we also provide these services to the communities we serve:

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifDisaster Response

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifEmotional Counseling

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifEmpowering Women

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifGangs and Violence

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifBanks and Savings
http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifMalnutrition Programs

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifMeditation & Mindfulness

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifPrograms for Mothers

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifSpecial Needs Children

http://www.mickquinn.com/reader3.gifIndigenous Education

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The Management Team at Integral Heart in Guatemala

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