We are creating community leaders through person-to-person
sponsorship and a critical-thinking education program that
includes the development of mind, body, spirit and emotions.  

Our three main programs have been affecting change in the
lives of 60 adolescents and their families in the resource-poor neighborhoods surrounding the UNESCO city of La Antigua Guatemala since the spring of 2010. 

Our model is simple; Nourish, Learn, Socialize, Transform.

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Meet our Board of Directors

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Founded by Debora Prieto
and Mick Quinn in 2010
both of whom live fulltime in
Guatemala with three dogs,
Bella, Pancho, and JuJu.
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We are a U.S. Registered 501
(c) 3 non-profit in the USA.

Where we live and work
Antigua Guatemala

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About Guatemala
Guatemala is a country of
stunning beauty and stark
contrasts. It is a
democratic republic of 108,890 square
kilometers (42,042 square
miles), that’s about the
size of Virginia, half the
size of the UK and a little
bigger than Ireland. 

Guatemala is the next
country south of Mexico
and with a population of
14 million people, it is
the second most densely
populated country in
Central America.

43% of children under five
are malnourished, one of
the highest malnutrition
rates in the world. More
than half of the population
is below the national
poverty line and 15%
live in extreme poverty. 

Poverty among indigenous
groups, which make up
38% of the population,
averages 76% and extreme poverty rises to 28%.
Become a Sustaining Sponsor  using

Sponsors a Junior
Program child for
one month and
provides a family
food basket

Sponsors a student
in high-school for
one month and
provides a family
food basket

Sponsors a student
in our CTIED Program
for one month and to
attend a college
of their choice

A group photo of Integral Heart families at a gift giving event in Antigua, Guatemala.

Watch a 7-minute-made-for-TV video in which Mick Quinn, a co-founder, describes
the origin and mission of the foundation in English with Spanish subtitles.

"The Integral Heart Foundation is doing incredibly important work,
and, just as
significant, is doing so by using and teaching Integral
This insures a
truly inclusive and comprehensive approach,
so important (and rare) in today’s fractured world.
I send them my very best regards, and highly recommend you check
them out."

Ken Wilber, Author of 25 books and The Integral Vision.

Our main programs in Guatemala
Integral Education Program

Introducing kids to the tools and
perspectives of Integral Theory

Solar Power Program

Providing solar power to
schools and homes

Sponsoring Students

Connecting sponsors with
the kids most in need.

Thank you! from all of us

The Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala

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The Integral Heart Foundation is a U.S. Registered 501(c)3 non-profit.