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Monthly Donations
This monthly donation amount provides access to one child to our sponsorship program.
Once in the program, the family will receive a monthly protein/food basket containing
items, such as chicken, pasta, and also personal hygiene products that they would
normally not have the money to buy.
A monthly donation in this amount allows us to provide a monthly protein/food basket
as described above as well as being able to purchase school supplies and clothing. Also at
this level we require that all sponsored children attend school on a regular basis. We ask
for copies of grades and our Sponsorship Program Director monitors the child's progress.
This monthly donation allows a teenager to attend a trade college after graduation
from high-school. This monthly donation includes the cost of registration, books, other
school materials, uniforms, trip, special events and monthly tuition. With this amount,
the teens also participate in our own Critical-Thinking/Philosophy Education Program.
A monthly donation in this amount provides a college level sponsorship as detailed
above, but will also permit us to enhance the family nutrition with a
monthly protein/
food basket
or if they prefer, we can install a solar power unit in their home to
provide extra lighting in their home/study area.
This monthly donation will sponsor our Critical-Thinking/Integral Philosophy Education
program for one month. This will include covering the cost of the nutrition program for
the 30-35 adolescents and teenagers who attend this program, as well as the cost of
class materials, projects, and special events with our Wisdom Series guest speakers.
One-time Donations
This donation amount sponsors a food basket for one family for one month and
school supplies for one child for one semester. It also covers the cost of
transportation to/from school for six teens for one month
This donation sponsors food baskets for two families for one month and
school supplies for two children for one semester. It also allow us to
purchase basic medicines for our sponsored families.
This donation sponsors food baskets for four families for one month and 
school supplies
for four children for one semester. It also allows us to
purchase basic medicines for our sponsored families as well as providing
a pair of eye-glasses for a sponsored student.
This donation amount allows us to install a home solar power unit and
sponsors our Critical-Thinking Program for one month. It supplements
the expenses of ten sponsored college teens for one month and sponsors
our Junior Student Mentoring Program for one month.

Thank you! from all of us

The Management Team at Integral Heart in Guatemala

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