Integral Heart Foundation Annual Reporting
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2014 - This was a year of change within the progams on the ground in
Guatemala. Firstly we promoted our local Guatemalan staff person to
manange the entire family sponsorship program. Our former program
director was empowered to run a new independant program named the 
Organic Learning Center. We currenly support 45 families and 55 students
and 25 students in our Critical Thinking Program. Total Revenues $125,000

2013 - We formed a local non-profit on January 14, 2013 here in Guatemala.
Asociacion Corazon Integral - NIT: 8015 519-6. Our financial support grew
moderately and according to our projections and we had a nice increase in 
in gifts-in-kind in 2013. We are now supporting 14 college students, 49
sponsored children, 28 teens in our Critical-Thinking Program, 4 staff and
10 additional projects and related overhead. Total Revenues $104,000

2012 saw a 100% increase in funding over the previous year. This allowed for
the opening of a second kindergarten and allowed our sponsorship and educational
programs in Guatemala to grow, provided us with the confidence to add our two
paid staff members. Total Revenues $89,000.

2011 was a year of great growth for The Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala.
As a comparatively young organization, we began work in 2010 with moderate
cash reserves and no donor base. Total Revenues $38,000.

2010 was the year that we first began with the idea of forming our own
non-profit entity after 6 months of volunteering with other organizations
in the Antigua Guatemala area. Total Revenues $8,000

* Total does not include gifts-in-kind and estimated value of volunteer labor for that year.
Please see our IRS 990 tax returns below for those specifics.

Integral Heart Foundation: EIN 27-4957996
Date of U.S. State Incorporation - February 14th, 2011.  (See State Registration)
We are incorporated in Utah because that is where we lived before we moved to
Guatemala and where Debora Prieto was studying Zen with Genpo Roshi.
501c3 IRS non-profit tax returns:
IRS Tax Forms 990

2014 - Part 1 and Part 2
2013 - Part 1 and Part 2
2012 - Part 1 and Part 2
2011 - Part 1
IRS Non-profit Determination letter received Dec. 22, 2011 (See 501c3 letter)
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Integral Heart Foundation
1649 Blaine Ave
Salt Lake City
UT 84105                                  
(Guatemala Address)
USA: (1) 801 783 5207                         Guatemala: (502) 4081 7729
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Banking details:
Bank Name: Wells Fargo USA
Account name: Integral Heart Foundation
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Directors, Staff and Volunteers
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Debora Prieto salary 2014 - $12,193
Mick (Michael) Quinn salary 2014 - $12,193
Osiris Stephen salary 2010/2011: $0
Elizabeth Flinn, salary (paid in Guatemala) 2014 - $6,495
Social worker salary (paid in Guatemala): 2014 - 3,400
Number of Board members: 9 (2 are Guatemalan)
Board Compensation: $0
Number of volunteers: 8

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We are a small non-profit and CharityNavigator requires
public support to be more
than $500,000 and total revenues to be more $1,000,000
 in the most recent fiscal
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