Excerpted from Chapter 10 of The Uncommon Path 
Published July 2009 by O-Books UK/USA
by Mick Quinn; 


Conscious Service: Conscious Service emerges as the life domain of the ‘spiritual finder’ in which the evolution of consciousness has stabilized as your primary reason for being.

This life domain emerges as a profound expression of your own awakening. It is here that you express your interest in the evolution of consciousness for the sake of humanity. Now your reasons for growth and development are no longer personal but, for the sake of others.

The life domain of Conscious Service reveals itself when your shadow is healed, all of your relevant relationships are free from personal conflict, and you have completely transcended and included the life domain of Spiritual Seeking at the personal level of development.

When the life domain of Conscious Service is active, the consistent expression of values such as development, evolution, community and potential become of great importance in your life work or full-time career. 

Therefore, the emergence of the life domain of Conscious Service transcends and includes the life domain of Source of Income.

The life domain of Conscious Service commonly unfolds as a career of full-time philanthropic works, awakened parenting, the development and implementation of awakened business practices, or the facilitation of the evolution of consciousness in individuals and/or groups.

Therefore, you can earn an income and also incur expenses in the life domain of Conscious Service. This simply means that money is a value here, but is not a primary value in this life domain. The primary value here is usually development or evolution.

Frequently, as a demonstration of the depth of your awakening and as proof of your genuine aspiration to live an awakened life, you have already taken the necessary steps to provide the funds so that you can dedicate yourself to the life domain of Conscious Service on a full-time basis.  When this life domain is active in your life, ‘working for a living’ in the traditional sense
is quite rare.

As part of the emergence of the life domain of Conscious Service, the interactions in your relevant relationships are based on the discovery and expression of the full potential of each individual and of the relationship itself. Such interactions, though they include many of the same values as the life domains of Marriage and Family, reach far beyond that personal microcosm and are not associated with ego’s agenda of sharing emotions, history, and personal stories.

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