Programs for Mothers in Guatemala

As part of our Integral Education Program we invite expert speakers to share their wisdom, in-person or by
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Eva Malia - Psychotherapist and Coach
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As part of our Wisdom Speaker Series, licensed psychotherapist and personal coach Eva Malia gave talks to the mothers at both The Scheel Center and Brillo de Sol Project in Guatemala.

"Domestic violence and sexual violence are at the forefront on most women's minds in Guatemala according to my interaction with mothers during speaking at the Scheel Center and the Centro Brillo de Sol during my trip to visit your work.

It was truly a humbling experience to be in the midst of so many people desperate to reach for the equality inherent to them as human beings and to generally improve the nature of their situations. They remind me that happiness is much simpler than it seems, but without equality amongst people, that happiness is also taken away."

Eva Malia is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Rhode Island. She has worked for many years with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and has performed hundreds of presentations and trainings in the community related to these issues. She currently works in private practice in Providence where she specializes in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders through the integration of western and eastern psychology. Eva practices Zen and yoga, and loves photography and dance.

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