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Donor Newsletter - December 2010


Greetings from Antigua Guatemala!

We canít believe our first year is almost over! 

We have developed some amazing partnerships and projects with a range of local and international institutions here on the ground in Guatemala.  Because of support from people like you, and among other accomplishments, the Integral Heart Foundation:

Lit up 5 homes with the portable solar
power lighting units.

Connected 24 sponsors with kids in
our Empowering Dreams Program.

Placed 3 of those sponsored kids into
third level education programs. 

Sponsored a weekly radio program as 
part of the Voices In Action program.

Used The Big Mind Process to help
kids and 3 school directors.

Coached the entire staff of The GodChild
project using The Big Mind Process.

Saved one life with a 'suicide is not an
option' coaching session.

Bought food, beds, and clothing for 
those most in needs of such essentials.

Provided emotional, psychological, 
physical and financial support in the
aftermath of hurricane Agatha.

  In all dedicated 1,150 hours of work
across our various projects.

In 2011, we envision a continuation and
expansion of our work with your support.

Thank you very much!

Mick & Debora



 Thank you so much for being such
 an important part of the growth 
 of this community and this family 
 of heart-to-heart connections.

Genpo Roshi & Stephanie, Kamala, Eva & Matt, Kyozen Sensei, Elaine, George, Jennifer, Jethro & Sima,

Richard, Kevin & Sam, Danielle, 
Yee, Pam, MarySue, Neil, Patrick, Kanzeon Sangha, Seamus & Addy, MIS Technology, Joanna & The Canberra Integral Study Group,

Paul, Sharon, Marsha, Norah, Jennifer, Jessica, Kay, Malena, Laurel, Kate, Luisa, Stuart, Jade, William, Holly & Grace, Dan & Kamie, Osiris & Nina, 

Natalie (and the Worthington cluster), Gregor, Keith & Karen, 
and Aaron S.

Deb putting the finishing touches to our seasonal tree!

Watch a short  TV documentary in English with Spanish subtitles
(7.55 minutes) on our work here in Guatemala.

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