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Updates from Guatemala
April-June 2011
The Integral Heart Foundation – Where Great Dreams Begin.
U.S. Registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit organization.
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Quick Stats!

children and teens sponsored!

new supporters
in 2010

new supporters
this year so far!

solar units




Pictures paint a thousand words:
Earlier this year, on a home visit, we found these three kids, Luis, Jimena and Vincente after their mom abandoned them.
They were essentially taking care of themselves in a tin/adobe compound. Along with the help of one of our sponsors,
Luis is now in school and the young ones in kindergarten. They get at least two meals per day, are clean, and get to play
with other kids. See full size photos and read their story.


First Fundraising Update:
Our first fundraising trip to Boston, New York, Boulder, & Houston was a GREAT SUCCESS! We found over 45
new individual supporters.
Many thanks to all those who helped make it happen. For a summary see fundraising update.


Sustainable Solar News:
We have received samples of 2 other solar kits; a carry around lantern and a hang-able unit by DLight and a most practical
desk lamp by SunKing. These new units, along with the larger solar unit by Quetsol, which lights 2 rooms, will go into field
testing next week in collaboration with another local organization, GodsChild project. To see images click here for our
solar page


Evolutionary Theory and Teenagers:
On June 16, Jeff Carreira, Director of Education for Andrew Cohen’s EnlightenNext organization will video-skype in for a
90minute class with our philosophy/Integral students from two different projects. Our thanks to Jeff who is also on our board
of directors. You can read more here.


Big Mind Process Saving Lives:

The 3 junior classes at one of the schools where we work were given a survey by the psychologist to determine their general
thinking and emotional states. Over 50% of the kids (about 60 of them) lived with suicidal thoughts on daily basis. Debora,
using the Big Mind process worked with these three groups. Read the full story here.


And our thanks to our supporters:
Aaron S, Adam R, Anna L, Ann G, AndreN, Armin, Beth T, Barbara S, Brad & Patty, Christine B, Chis C, Christian, Daniele W,
Danielle and Family, Dan & Kamie, Dennis S,  Dianne, David R, Eva & Matt, Elisa, Ellen and Ryan S, Kyozen Sensei, Elaine, 
Franz, Genpo Merzel, George, Gregor, Gina, H.B., Haggart Family,Holly & Grace,  Irene B, Jeff C, Jim & Cindy, Jacky,
Jennifer C, Jordan H, Joyce C, Jessica, Joanna & The Canberra Integral Study Group, Jade G, Jon & Nicole, Kamala, Kenneth,
Kay, Kate F, Jennifer, Jethro & Sima, Jeff & Mariana, JC, Kristina, Kanzeon Sangha, Kelly & Bob, Keith & Karen, Lee W, Lida
O, Linda S, Lisa T, Laurel J, Luisa, Linus R, Laurel S, Kevin & Sam, MarySue, Martin, Matt B, Malena, Marc & Ilana, Mikey,
Michael L, Michael & Michelle, Magali, Margaret G, Maura C, Mary H, Marsha, Norah, Neil, Osiris & Nina, Patrick, Paul,
Pam, Paddy E, MIS Technology, Stuart, William, Natalie (and the Worthington cluster), Oscar P, Richard, Sally C, Sandra P,
Sharon, Shanna, Shelley S, Sean W, Stephanie M, Sheila G, Silvia R, Seamus & Addy,Vegar & Christy, Ted & Boston Integral,
Yvonne K of the Germany Solar Cluster, Yee H


You can support our work:

Light a house with solar for $20 per month
Sponsor a child for $35 per month
Sponsor a philosophy/Integral student for $55 per month


Please email us if you  have any questions!

Thank you,

Debora, Mick, Liz, and Marisol
(and Pancho & Bella!)

Our work in Guatemala:
The Integral Heart Foundation

U.S. registered 501(c)3 non-profit


Antigua, Guatemala - (502) 7832 8076  or (1) 801 783 5207

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