Sponsor a Child; Change a Life Today

For this Holiday Season we have set ourselves a goal to find
new sponsors for 9 of the brightest teenagers who have
been attending Critical Thinking / Integral Program since
2010 and also for 6 of the tots who come everyday to our
second Kindergarten Program. We feel that they and their
families are most in need and subsequently would benefit
greatly from the benefit of a long-term sponsorship.

Below are photos and brief descriptions of the 15 children
for whom  we would like to find sponsors.

Click on the 'Sponsor' button or choose the sponsorship
amount with which you are most comfortable at the
bottom of this page. Thank you very much!!
Saul  - 17
Sponsored by Kelly McN:
His story: Saul is one of our philosophy superstars. He lives in Jocotenango with his father, two siblings and his grandma. His father works as a security guard in a housing development. The mother left the home some years ago to go to live somewhere else. She sees her children once in a while but do not support them financially. Saul will be participating in the meditation marathon as part of Team Guatemala on December 8 of this year.
Dinora - 16
Sponsored by Patrick Goonan:
Dinora has been attending our Integral philosophy class / Critical Thinking classes for the past year. She always pays attention and she actively participates in all the exercises. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to evolve. Her three best friends, also in our class have already found sponsors so she is eager to find one also!
Sonia - 14
Her story: Sonia is 14 years old. She is also one of our integral students, but as a young Guatemalan lady she still needs to work more on her self esteem. She has tons of potential that she has not yet discovered, but she is most willing to do so!

See their family photo here
Juan Carlos - 14
His story: JC is 14 and the oldest of 7 siblings. He is part of our Integral philosophy class in San Mateo. He wants to be an engineer. JC is one of 8 people living in a 2 bedroom house. He tells us the environment at home is quite peaceful, but the roof is leaking in many places. 
Selvin  - 13
Sponsored by; Cory Anon.
His story: The youngest of our Integral philosophy students. Selvin is learning about dreaming and meditation. He wants to be an architect and build talking robots when he grows up.  He lives with 7 other people in 2 rooms. We are grateful to S.E.A of San Mateo for putting the critical thinking class on their schedule.
Conal - 14
Sponsored by; Andy Hopper
Conal is 14 years old. He is the oldest of 7 siblings. He lives in Buena Vista and attends our integral program at the project Semilla de Esperanza y Amor in San Mateo, directed by Lys. He would like to keep studying but he also needs to help his family.

See their family photo here
See video of their home
Sonia - 14
Her story: Sonia is going to be a doctor when she grows up. She wants to travel to countries where people have less than they do in Guatemala and then come home to help people here. Her greatest dream is to see and feel the snow. She is very sweet and a little shy. We are grateful to S.E.A of San Mateo for putting the critical thinking class on their schedule.
Maria  - 20
Sponsored by Leah Fogarty:
Her story: Maria is the oldest of 8 siblings. Although she was born in a conditioned culture in which the older daughter cannot study and takes care of the parents, she already surpassed this and studied to be a teacher. Now she wants to keep studying to become an attorney. She is a bright example for the rest of the girls in her community and in the philosophy class on how it is possible to transcend deeply rooted social conditioning. She needs financial support to fulfill her dream.
Rosa  - 14
Her story: Rosa (2nd from R) Rosa is the oldest of four siblings and has been our philosophy student for two years. The conditions of her previous home were so dangerous that they are moving to a safer one but in a remote area. Her parents simply cannot afford the prices of daily transportation for four children attending to school and for going to work themselves. So these children will have to stay at their  grandparents house even in those dangerous conditions, for now.  
Kevin - 3
His story: Kevin is the funniest one!!! He is the only child. His parents work all week for the minimum salary which is about $200 per month. They live in a dark, old two roomed home with the grandmother who is sick and needs constant medication. He loves coming to the kinder and is our soul!!!  
Jessica - 5
Her story: Jessica is a sister of Pedrito. She loves her daily baths at our kindergarten and being dressed up and of course adding a little bit of jewelry. For more about her situation see the description of her brother.  
Chinito - 2
His story: Chinito is the only child. He lives with his parents in a room inside his grandparents home. The father works as laborer on a farm and his mother makes tortillas; between both of them making about 200 dollars per month. Chinito had a great improvement since he started attending to the kindergarten program this July.  
Pedrito - 2
His story: Pedrito lives in a house with other 5 families. Each one of the families has one room each. In his family there are 4 siblings and his parents. Pedrito suffers from an illness of the kidneys and needs constant treatment. Because of this he is usually grumpy but some 15 photos later we caught him with this smile. We are asking for a sponsorship of $75 per month so that we can also contribute to his medical treatments.  
Florecita - 5
Her story: Florecita is the youngest of 8 siblings. She lives with her siblings and parents in a rented house. The house has no water, power or drainage and it is built from wood, tin and sugarcane stalks. Her father works as a guard in a private home and the mother doesn’t work as she is going through cancer treatment.  
Christina - 4
Sponsored by Alaina Attard:
Her story: Cristina is the youngest of 3 siblings. She lives with her mom, two siblings, grandmother and her great ant. The father does not help the family much and the mother works to raise the three children earning 250 dollars per month. She is one the brightest smiles in the kindergarten.
Freddy Hernandez (14) not pictured here is also sponsored by Kelly McN.
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Mick, Debora, Liz, Reinhard
and all the Team at
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About Guatemala:
Guatemala is a republic. It is 108,890 square kilometers (42,042 square miles), that’s about the size of Virginia, 
half the size of the UK and a little bigger than Ireland. Guatemala is the next country south of Mexico and with 
a population of 14 million people, it is the second most densely populated country in Central America.

Stats. on
43% of children under five are chronically malnourished, one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. 
More than half of the population is below the national poverty line and 15% lives in extreme poverty. 

Poverty among indigenous groups, which make up 38% of the population, 
averages 76% and extreme poverty rises to 28%.

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